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Fried Mutton Chops

Posted on June 14 2017


Gorge on those fried mutton chops when you are resting on your couch in that vocational mood. 

• This simple recipe requires a proper wash of the mutton chops. 

• Take some ginger, chopped onion, bay leaf, garlic, cardamom (both), salt (according to taste), cinnamon, garam masala powder and cloves. Directly put these into the cooker.

• It is suggested to add 2- 3 glasses of water in the pressure. Keep on cooking till the mutton chops get juicy and tender.

• Drain the soup and only get those tasty mutton chops.

• Whisk the eggs by adding black salt. Then dip the mutton chops in that egg mixture and dip fry it in the hot oil. Your mutton chops are ready in just a few minutes.




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