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Meat Loaf (Chicken)

Posted on April 11 2017


The family dinner is just going to get interesting as you can carve out the desired amount of meat from the meatloaf you are planning to prepare.
• Your oven must be ready to180 degrees C. Before placing it in the preheated oven, prepare the meat loaf.
• Line the tray with the chicken mince preparation. For making the preparation, take a large bowl and mix parmesan cheese, minced chicken, breadcrumbs, ½ cup pasta sauce, eggs and grounded salt and pepper.
• Take a tray and give it a shape of a loaf. Pat it properly to make it even and spread some tasty pasta sauce all over it.
• Get your oven ready as this meat loaf is going to tale 50 to 55 minutes for baking. After it is ready leave it for 5 minutes. Now you can slice the luscious meat and have it for your grand family reunion or friend’s surprise birthday party. 



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